Compacct ERP

We have developed a modern-age and technologically advanced ERP system that is entirely based on the cloud. It can be accessed through any of your preferred devices, from any of your preferred locations. This amazing software is ideal for all kinds of businesses looking for customizable software solutions and thinking about introducing a splash of technology in their operational environment.


The power of communication can never be denied in case of businesses that are customer driven. Therefore, the Customer Relationship Management system is one of the main forces of great business in the modern age. Our cloud based Compacct CRM software makes client communication easier, faster and more convenient. Compacct CRM is a significant part of the main ERP system as well.


Technology and ease comes together to give shape to this one of its kind software, known as the Compacct POS. This Point-Of-Sale software is different is approach than most traditional on-site software because it is based out of the cloud. It can change its shape, size and design according to the requirements of the organization. Also, you can use any device to access it.

Empower Your Business With Compacct

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Retail Industry

Cloud based Compacct ERP solutions can become your ultimate guiding light in the matters of multi-location or multi-store ERP system access, stock valuation, sale and distribution management, and the likes.

Medicine Retail & Wholesale

Necessary regular activities like financial management, vendor management, chain supply management, and other similar tasks can be thoroughly maintained with the help of cloud ERP systems.

Bakery & Restaurant Chain

Compacct ERP Software, being based out of the cloud, helps you to keep an eye over your multiple restaurants, food outlets or bakery chain business even when you are not physically present on the spot.

Manufacturing Industry

Manage and regulate every necessary task related to your manufacturing business, like inventory management, raw material management, production management, and so forth, through our advanced cloud ERP solutions.

Warehousing & Logistic

We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction. Ensure a faster communication and make finance, accounting, sales and distribution related activities easier than they use to be with the help of highly modern cloud based ERP software known as Compacct ERP.

Clinic Management

Clinic management activities like appointment management, rescheduling, accounting, renewal management, following-up tracking, etc. have ultimately become simpler with cloud based Compacct ERP solutions.

Medical Equipment Industry

Compacct ERP system can help the medical tools or equipment related small, medium and big businesses immensely with its important features like inventory management, equipment batch and serial number tracking, etc.

Support & Service Sector

Modernize your working environment with the latest features of our Compacct ERP system that can easily help you in information handling, tracking of data from any location, customer relationship management, etc.

Financial Service

Prioritize your work and ensure proper maintenance of data driven procedure related to portfolio management as well as sales management for your financial service with the help of the cloud driven Compacct ERP software.

Education Sector

Compacct software can take care of entire examination sessions, online counselling, online/offline exams, admission or examination form fill-up, issue of admission cards, and other similar education sector related activities.


ERP software in kolkata
ERP software in kolkata
ERP software in kolkata

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