As an AWS public sector partner, we are engaged in giving different solution including but not limited to infrastructure support and application development to different public sector industry. Our flagship product COMPACCT ERP is a ready-to-implement product for different public sector industries.
With its capabilities to cope with different industry verticals with minimized customization, our solution is ready to take the industry specific customization which helps the public sector industry to digitalize itself in a short time period. Our application modernization service helps public sector industries to convert their legacy application to cloud-native applications in a short time and minimized cost.

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Cloud ERP

Compacct ERP is or flagship product for Public sector industries. Its a fully cloud based system which can be customized as per industry requirement. As a fully cloud based system this can fit and run in AWS environment seamlessly. For details on Compacct ERP please visit this link.

Cloud Native Development

Our experienced team is ready to take any challenge and deliver a cloud-native application as per the custom needs of the client. We have an expertise with a ready-to-use industry-specific framework that will help the clients to achieve their goals in a lesser time and cost both. For a free consultancy please book an online meeting with us through this link.

Application Modernization

Modernization of legacy applications is a challenge for today’s organizations. Our ready to move solution template for application modernization give a great solution to public sector customer to modernization of their legacy application and make it cloud-ready. With the help of our flagship product Compacct ERP, it gives a ready-to-move solution for public sector organizations a readymade service and solution. To have a detailed discussion you can have a chat with our team through this link.

AWS Ready SolutionReady to implement

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