B. N. Exports Private Limited


 B.N. Exports Private Limited, is a market leader in sourcing and production of Sesame Oil, not just in India but in the Indian sub-continent because it specialize in Sesame. They manufacture different types of sesame oil of superior quality:

Their international presence is found at all major exhibitions i.e. ANUGA, SIAL, GULFOOD, FANCY FOOD (Summer), and some regional / country specific food exhibitions.

The company’s factory is located in Domjur, Howrah. The factory is spread on over 6 acres with the most updated production facilities. The ‘crushing unit’ comprises imported modern machinery. Their crushing is ‘cold press’ with ‘one-single press’ pass only. Further, the mini oil refining unit is a combination of Taiwanese and European technology producing 50 tons per day capacity. The refinery uses ‘German activated carbon’ and chemicals in our refining process. The company credit’s itself for having an advanced in-house, hi-tech lab comprising highly experienced food technologists. The lab check’s our seeds and oil at input & output of every stage to maintain superior quality. The factory’s total build up area comprising factory, warehouse, office building, workers area etc. is in excess of 110,000 sq.ft (11,000 sq.mt) used for seed storage as well as equipped with large silos for oil storage.

The Organization is controlled by the second generation over three decades of hands on experience with manufacturing. For better access to their production process and MIS, they wanted to maintain their manufacturing processes using  Compacct ERP  that can be accessed from remote location. After going through the demo session from different IT companies they have selected  Compacct ERP  to maintain their manufacturing system, knowing about the easy ways of using the software and various reporting. The advanced cloud based Compacct CRM software for manufacturing industry was implemented in the head office of. This software helped them in live tracking their entire sales process from whichever location they preferred. Being a cloud based software, Compacct CRM helped them to keep a track of their daily sales and distribution activities taking place in various areas of the country through just a few clicks on the mobile phone or any other available responsive devices.

B. N. Exports Private Limited