What Compacct CRM do for your Business ?

Customer management is, by far, the most vital function of every organization. With competition increasing by the day, if you are unable to look after the needs of your customers proactively, they are sure to leave you sooner rather than later. Besides looking after the needs of your existing customers, it is also crucial to

Why Compacct ERP is Best ERP Software in Kolkata ?

There’s no denying that the process of implementing software is complex and includes steps such as understanding, development, or testing that require the expertise of various professionals. That’s why so many companies looking to develop applications turn to specialized software development agencies that know the ins and outs of this process. Iconwizard Technologies is one

What is Erp Automation?

Once used exclusively by larger organizations, cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has undergone a massive change in a couple of years. The complex infrastructure that needed internal technical teams to manage, it has slowly unfolded to become hassle-free automated cloud ERP systems that hardly require any expert’s service. Today, it is available in a

How Cloud ERP Helps To Drive Your Business In The Battle Of COVID 19

How Cloud ERP helps to COVID 19 The whole world is facing a crisis in the form of COVID 19. The outbreak of this global pandemic has resulted in a worldwide lockdown. Maintain social distancing is now the new normal. With the gradual extension of lockdown in various countries all over the world, businesses are

A step by step guide for selecting the right ERP / CRM

Its crucial to make a right decision about the right ERP or CRM software for your organization. This is a basic guide of the points that you have to take care on selecting a proper controlling system for your organization.


ERP Software in kolkata As per our experience, change management is not the only ERP success factor, companies overlook when doing an in-house ERP project. They also overlook success factors like business process reengineering, strategic alignment, and data migration. Companies overlook these success factors in an effort to reduce their project budget, but the main reason

Global Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Global Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Market Value North America market created the most elevated portion of income in the worldwide cloud-based ERP showcase in 2016 inferable from innovative headways and an ascent in uses of cloud-based ERP in assembling, government, and retail fields. The Asia-Pacific cloud-based ERP showcase is relied upon to develop at the most elevated rate, trailed by

What is Small Business ERP Software?

What is Small Business ERP Software? Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small businesses gives you an affordable, easy-to-use, and secure way to manage business operations, financials, and sales. ERP systems typically include modules that you can choose from based on your company’s needs. For smaller businesses, it’s important to only choose the modules you