C. C Saha Ltd.

Compacct ERP Is Being Used By C. C. Saha Ltd. For Their Main Office & 5 Other Branches

C.C. Saha Ltd. is one of the pioneers of Hearing Services and Aids in the Eastern India. This organization was founded in the 1933 and since then they have been providing the highest quality hearing aids to thousands of happy clients all over India. They have a legacy of more than 80 years to their name. In more recent years, C.C. Saha Ltd. has been dealing with digital hearing aids from many renowned brands all over the globe. They have a distinctive team of highly skilled audiologists who are responsible for making the correct diagnosis of a person’s capability of hearing and the degree of hearing loss that they are going through. After thorough diagnosis, modern hearing aids are recommended to the clients that can meet their respective requirements. They are well-known for offering a wide range of highly advanced and ultra-modern products to their clients and their contribution to this field has been remarkable.

The highly modernized clinics of C. C. Saha Ltd. needed one such advanced software that can help them in the over-all process of patient management. They were in favour of automating their work process so that the manual labour behind the daily management activities can be reduced. This is the time when they were introduced to the highly modern cloud based Compacct ERP software that can help them in the process of upgrading their patient management system and provides a 360 degree protection of the important patient information.

The Compacct ERP was chosen by C. C. Saha Ltd. due to its flexible structure, easy to use interface and secured data protection system. The implementation of Compacct ERP for C. C. Saha Ltd. took place in the year 2019. This software is now being used in their main office in Kolkata as well as five other branches spread all over the city. The cloud based Compacct ERP software successfully gave a new dimension to their existing patient management system and handles all other necessary tasks like scheduling or rescheduling of appointments, assigning a particular audiologist to a particular patient, following-up with the older patients, keeping a track of the number of sold hearing aids, stock management, and so forth.

The modules of the cloud based Compacct ERP software as used by C. C. Saha Ltd. are listed below:

  • Clinic/Patient Management
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Material Management
  • Accounting & Finance Management
  • After-Sales Support
C. C Saha Ltd.