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Upgrade the Quality of Customer Service with Compacct CRM Software

What is the significance of the CRM Software?

The Customer Relationship Management Software, more popularly known as the CRM software, helps all kinds of businesses to develop and maintain a strong relationship with its valued customers by providing complete access to customer data, their profiles and their past communication with the organization. The best part is that all this humongous amount of information can be accessed within a matter of few seconds, with just a few clicks. The major advantage of any reliable CRM software lies in its cost-effectiveness and proficiency in managing the matters of customer services almost effortlessly. Also, modern CRM software can become a great platform for over-all customer engagement and it can easily strengthen the relationship between the customer and the company. Regardless to say, the more satisfied your customers are, the more are the chances of making a huge profit in business. Therefore, investing in advanced CRM software is always a good option for all big, medium, or even small sized business ventures.

Introduction to the Remarkable Cloud Based Compacct CRM Software

With cloud based Compacct CRM Software, all your worries of investing in costly and hefty CRM systems come to an end. Compacct CRM runs on a cloud based infrastructure that does not require any physical server or any other similar equipment for the process of installation. All the costs related to the maintenance of the physical systems can also be done away with. On the other hand, the cloud based Compacct CRM software is accessible from any desired location, including remote locations where the executives perform their daily operations. You basically need to possess three things if you want to access the Compacct CRM software. These three things are – i) any available responsive device, which includes laptops, mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and the likes, ii) any available web-browser installed in the device, which includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. iii) stable internet connection in the area. If you have these three things, you are ready to operate the Compacct ERP system and access the huge amount of data stored within the cloud server.

Noteworthy Advantages of The Compacct CRM Software

Compacct CRM Software is responsible for the close monitoring of all the customer data. This is a paperless recoding system of all the information related to your daily operations with no chances of data loss or destruction. Here’s a list of the noteworthy advantages of the Compacct CRM Software:

  • Multi-Location Accessibility
  • Multi-Device Accessibility
  • Mobile Device Enabled Software
  • No Physical Server Required
  • Relevant Modules & Sub-Modules
  • Easy Access to the Database
  • Ready-to-Use Structure
  • Customizable as per Demands
  • Easy Admin & User Login System
  • Simple & User-Friendly Interface
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Significant Modules of the Compacct CRM Software

Pre-Sale Management

The Compacct CRM helps you to managing data related to the direct user query, cold calling, social media leads, and so forth.

Appointment Management

The Compacct CRM system is responsible for the process of booking appointments for customers online or offline, including multi-session appointments.

Customer Registration

The Registration of customers can be done through the Compacct CRM software so that their data can be collected and used for follow-ups (if necessary).

Sales Management

Tracking and managing all the data related to product or package sales, recording all the data for future reference, etc. can be done through Compacct CRM.

Package Management

Records of newly introduced packages or older packages can be managed, which includes multi-session packages, single-session packages, and the likes.

Payment Management

The Compacct CRM enables proper management and tracking of the payment management system, including partial payments, returned or exchanged product, etc.

Follow-Up Management

The Compacct CRM software tracks the records of older customer and helps in follow-up scheduling or rescheduling, follow-up management, renewal management, and the likes.

Discount Management

Complete management of the discount system will be possible through the Compacct CRM system as per the old or new rates of existing or newly-introduced products or services.

Coupon-Code Management

The Compacct CRM helps in monitoring the coupon code system, tracking the customers who are providing the codes and bills them accordingly.

Post-Sale Management

Managing data related to customer feedback, renewal plans for customers, partial payments, and the likes becomes easier with the cloud based Compacct CRM system.

Consents Form Management

Consent forms (if applicable) can be filled up duly by customers through an online or offline mode and the data will be recorded in the Compacct CRM software.

Special Pricing Management

The Compacct CRM enables you to regulate and track the special pricing of products or services on auspicious events of the year, like Dusshera, Eid, Christmas, and so on.

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FAQ – Compacct CRM

Answer: The cloud based Compacct CRM software helps you in recognizing the trends going on in the market and people who can be your potential customers by understanding and analysis customer preferences and demands. This will help you to fulfill the queries, necessities and demands of your customers faster and more effectively. The Compacct CRM will also be responsible for the tracking and updating of the company’s interactions with the existing customer base as well as prospective ones.

Also, you should choose Compacct CRM, because: a) It is highly cost-effective, b) it will help you in saving time and manual effort, c) it can be accessed through any responsive device, d) you can access it from any location, and e) it is customizable as per your requirements.

Answer: Yes, certainly. The advanced Compacct CRM software is a mobile-device enabled software. The cloud technology makes it accessible through any device of choice. Therefore, the Compacct CRM application can be accessed from any preferred responsive device, including desktops, laptop, mobile phones, tables, and so on.

Answer: We can definitely do that for you. The Compacct CRM is a customizable software where we can make additions or subtractions in the modules or sub-modules, according to the specified needs if your organization.

Answer: The Compacct CRM software has a multiple location access. This software can be easily used by all the employees of any multi location business or even the ones who have an on-field job role. Also, if you choose our Compacct CRM, we will make sure that you and all your employees receive a proper in-depth training related so the software so that everyone can use it effectively.

Answer: Yes, for sure. We have a 24X7 customer support system that enables you to reach us whenever you face any issues or difficulties while operating the Compacct CRM software. You can directly get in touch with one of our team members if anything is bothering you at any time of the day. We will be more than happy to help you out.