Compacct ERP for Bakery and Restaurant Chain

Don’t you think it is extremely difficult to manage a Restaurant or Bakery Chain business single-handedly?


Have you tried to introduce Cloud ERP Software in your business?

The food-lovers take pleasure to indulge in the ecstatic ambiance of a lovely restaurant. The cakes and confectionery shops are always filled up with people who want to grab a bite of their favourite cake or pastry. But have you ever wondered what lies behind the apparent smooth management techniques of these popular chains of restaurants or most renowned bakery chains?

If you are a part of this industry, then you must be aware of all the technicalities that go on every day ceaselessly to make sure that no customer goes out of the outlet with a disappointed look on their face. Nobody can ever deny the fact that all these activities cannot be handled manually. The apparently easy-looking procedures often need the most modern ERP software solutions to help them keep track of the ongoing activities and manage them is the most professional way. And when we say ‘modern ERP systems’, it becomes very evident that we are talking about the latest cloud based ERP software for bakery and restaurant chains. Why are they important? Keep reading to find out!

    What is the Significance of Cloud ERP Systems for Bakery & Restaurant Chains?

    There is a vast range of activities that go inside a restaurant or a bakery. These activities together add various dimensions to the already existing complexity of the work of any owner, owning a restaurant chain, cake and confectionary chain, or other similar food businesses. Also, the owners of such businesses or the food manufacturers are supposed to be more cautious now about food safety and regulatory norms than ever before. Under such circumstances, investing in a smart cloud ERP system for restaurants is probably the best investment that you are ever going to make for your enterprise. Why cloud ERP? Because it can be accessed from anywhere! You need not visit each outlet every day to look after them. You can literally sit at your home, go on a business tour or a family vacation, and even then you will receive the entire information of your business at your fingertips. Therefore, the fact is very evident that advanced cloud based ERP software has the ability to change the whole dimension of your food business in just a matter of a few clicks.

    Bakery And Restaurant Chain ERP software in kolkata

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    We are happy and proud to tell you about our brain-child, Compacct ERP, that we have developed over the years so that no other small, medium or big business ever faces any hassle to manage their work procedures. Compacct ERP is a cloud based ERP software, embedded with the most modern features and enabled to give you a first-class experience in business management. Iconwizard Technologies, a software development company in Kolkata, has already become a trust-worthy name in the field of cloud based ERP, CRM and POS software development in Kolkata as well as some other parts of India. Our Compacct ERP allows for bakery chain expansion in India and we have provided cost-effective yet highly advanced solutions to many well-known names of the same field, including Kathleen Confectionaries, Kookie Jar, and the likes.

    Key Features of Compacct ERP Software for Bakery & Restaurant Chains

    Compacct ERP is one such system that has the capability to handle all the operational, functional and managerial aspects of your food production business, restaurant chains, bakery chains, and so on. Although Compacct ERP software solutions can serve a lot of sectors equally, it can be customized according to industry specific needs and requirements. In the case of Bakery and Restaurant Chain business, there are certain features of the Compacct ERP system that adds value to your work to a great extent. Some of these key features are pointed out below:

    • Multiple Location Access & Management
    • Requisition Management
    • Inventory & Stock Management
    • Factory & Production Management
    • Dispatch Management
    • Special Order Tracking & Management
    • Return-To-Factory (RTF) Order Tracking
    • Damage Control & Management
    • Specific Area Management (for Managers)
    • Outlet or Franchise Management
    • Billing System Management
    • Hand-Held Device for Billing
    • Menu/Price Modification, Deletion & Management
    • Precise Reporting System
    • Sales & Customer Trends Analysis

    Benefits of Compacct ERP System in Bakery & Restaurant Chain Business

    • Cloud based server (i.e. no physical server is required)
    • Accessible from any preferred location
    • Accessible through any preferred device
    • Mobile device enabled cloud software
    • Separate mobile application available for outlet owners and area managers
    • Unhindered flow of efficient internal communication
    • Numerous valuable modules and sub-modules
    • Customization and incorporation of changes as per company’s demands
    • Makes every task simpler for employees and managers
    • Fits into any and every size and structure of the enterprises
    • Pre-developed structure and quick implementation

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    FAQ – Compacct ERP in Bakery & Restaurant Chain

    Answer: The major benefits of Compacct ERP software for Bakery & Restaurant Chains are mentioned in one of the sections above. Have a read and you will know the benefits. Otherwise, you can always visit the ‘Solutions’ section and click on ‘Compacct ERP’ to gain further knowledge about the software that we have developed.

    Answer: Yes, sure! Compacct ERP software is accessible from multiple locations. Being a cloud based software, Compacct ERP software needs no physical server to be operated. Therefore, you can use this software from all the locations where your outlets or stores are situated, or you can access it from any other place as well.

    Answer: Yes, definitely! Compacct ERP is accessible from remote locations, if there a stable internet connection is available in that location.

    Answer: You basically need only three things to access the cloud based Compacct ERP software:

    1. Your mobile phone (or any other responsive device like laptop or tablet)
    2. Stable internet connection
    3. Any web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc)

    Answer: The Compacct ERP software is supported by all renowned operating systems, including Windows OS & Windows Phone, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and others.