Compacct ERP in Financial Service

Have you ever thought about exploring the features of smart cloud based ERP software for Financial Services?

Financial sector is no doubt one of the most dynamic areas of business in the modern age. With the increasing demands related to finance management among consumers and the fast changing structure of all financial organizations, every business which is related to financial services need to get their hands on a trustworthy ERP for financial services so that they can stay up to date with the on-going trends in the market.

Every financial services venture, including private sectors banks, insurance companies, or small-finance businesses, need financial services ERP software that gives the power to track all the data and information in just a matter of few clicks, maintain a smooth as well as undisruptive work environment, and give them a chance to prosper in their own field. The smartest of all ERP for financial services has to be cloud based ERP software that can access all the data from several branches. Such ERP software solutions can help you to automate your financial business and pave way for your growth in more ways than one.

    Discover newer horizons of modern business with cloud ERP for Financial Services!

    Imagine a situation where you are supposed to track the data of innumerable clients coming from various backgrounds and regions in a single day. Is it possible to handle all this data manually without committing any mistakes? A cloud ERP system for finance sector will help you automate this entire process and minimize the errors. This will ultimately take your business to greater heights in the long run.

    There are certain predefined advantages of using a cloud ERP system for your financial services business. One of them is that no matter how many branches you have all over the country, one single cloud ERP system can seamlessly manage all your functional and operational activities across all the branches or regional offices. Another great advantage is that you can access this ERP system from anywhere you desire, even when you are not in your office. So, being on a business tour will no longer come in your way of accessing the information of all your branches. You will have total control over everything that is happening in several branches of your business, even when you are not physically present there.

    Financial Service ERP software in kolkata

    Collaborate with one of the most trustworthy software development companies in India

    Now that you know about cloud ERP software in general, it is necessary for you to know where to invest your hard earned money so that you can gain maximum ROI after the implementation of the cloud ERP for financial services for your business. One of the popular and reliable names in the field of ERP software development in India is Iconwizard Technologies.

    After years of hard work, Iconwizard Technologies has been able to create outstanding cloud ERP software solutions, named COMPACCT, which can add cutting-edge modern technology to your enterprise to automate its processes and make everything easier to be controlled. Compacct ERP has successfully helped several well-known names in the market of Kolkata and other cities of India to give a new dimension to their existing business ventures. It has created a legacy and a loyal customer base for itself through its outstanding service and strikingly advanced features.


    Remarkable features of Compacct ERP applicable for finance related businesses

    Compacct ERP is cloud based ERP software that can make all your tasks simpler and more convenient to be operated. Also, it is essentially cost-effective and comes with an assurance of maximizing your ROI. Here’s a brief list of the noteworthy features of the Compacct ERP software that are widely applicable for all the business that are involved in financial services:

    • Paperless Recording System of Customer Information
    • Customer Database Management
    • Customer Visit Information Management
    • Appointment Scheduling & Rescheduling
    • Follow-up Management
    • Pre-Sales & Post-Sales Support
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Human Resource Management
    • Accounting & Finance Management
    • Online Reporting System
    • Effective Establishment of Internal Communication
    • All-in-One Information Management System

    Striking Benefits of Using Compacct ERP Software for Financial Services

    • No Physical Server Needed
    • No Extra Maintenance Cost Needed
    • Multiple Location Accessibility
    • Multiple Device Accessibility
    • Accessible Through Web-Browser
    • Mobile-Device Enabled
    • Supported by All Operating Systems
    • Numerous Modules & Sub-Modules
    • Easy Admin & User Login System
    • Customizable Software
    • Easy & Fast Implementation
    • Best for Managers

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    FAQ – Compacct ERP for Financial Services

    Answer: Compacct ERP can be highly beneficial for your financial service related business in more ways than one. We have elaborated the benefits of using the Compacct ERP software already in the above sections. Yet, if you are in search of an answer that justifies your query, to sum it all up we can say that Compacct ERP is ideal for financial service related business organizations, because – i) It helps reduceall sorts of manual effort, ii) It can saves a lot of time overall, iii) it is customizable, and iv) It easily changes its shape as per the needs of your organization.

    Answer: Compacct ERP is one such software that runs of the cloud technology. It is based on a cloud server and needs no physical server to be implemented or operated. Therefore, this software can be implemented in all the branches of the business using one single cloud based server. All the branches can use the same Compact ERP software for information management across the whole country.

    Answer: Yes, obviously. Compacct ERP can be accessed through any responsive device, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. You don’t need to sit in front of your desktop the whole day to access this advanced ERP software.

    Answer: Three basic things are required to access the Compacct ERP software. They are – i) Any available responsive device (laptop, desktop, mobile phone), ii) High speed internet connection, and iii) Any available web-browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer).