Compacct ERP in Medicine Retail and Wholesale

Hey, do you want to enhance the work-process of your medicine retail or wholesale business? Do you want to make it faster and easier with cloud based medical ERP systems?

Do you still follow the traditional way of keeping records for your medicine wholesale or retail business? Do you have enough time to do so in this fast-moving age of modern technology and scientific advancements? In case your answer is no, then we have something very unique and significant for you! Here, we are going to talk about cloud ERP software which can help you immensely in the maintenance and management of your business related to medicine, whether it is a multi-location medical shop franchise or a wholesale medicine stock and supply business. As a fruit of the most modern experiments, today the ERP system doesn’t need a physical server to be implemented or operated. Such advanced ERP systems are better known as cloud based ERP systems and they have altogether created a unique place for themselves in the ever-expanding market of business administration and development.

    Are you aware of cloud based ERP for Medical Store and Medicine Wholesale Businesses?

    Traditional ERP software have specific advantages of their own but cloud based ERP solutions certainly go deeper than any of the server-based systems. One such cloud based ERP software can be accessed from any location and not just only from the four walls of your business establishment. Another very interesting fact here is that cloud based ERP software has a multi-device access, which means that it can be accessed from any specific responsive device like mobile phones, tablets, laptops or any other similar device that has stable internet connection and an accessible web-browser.

    If we talk about the medicine retail and wholesale market particularly, there are numerous advantages that you can gain if you are willing to invest in a smart cloud ERP for wholesale and retail. We have developed one such unique system, named Compacct ERP, which has comprehensive ERP solutions for pharmacy-based retail shops, medicine stores, and wholesale stores. This extraordinary cloud based ERP system can help you in accounting, inventory management, daily sales management, stock management, and all other important aspects of your business. Compacct ERP is a power-packed medical business management system that is specially crafted to make your daily work faster, easier and hassle-free. This one single software can take any shape and size, according to the structure and requirements of your business. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of medicine stores (traditional or online), pharmacies, wholesale or retail businesses of any shape and size. Want to know more about the Compacct ERP Software? Keep reading!

    Medicine Retail And Wholesale ERP software in kolkata

    Consult with one of the best Cloud ERP Software Development Company in Kolkata

    Here’s your ultimate chance to work with one of the pioneers of cloud ERP software in India. Iconwizard Technologies is a well-known name when it comes to cloud based ERP software development in India. We have been working tirelessly since 2002 to provide you cloud based ERP, CRM, POS and other similar software solutions that can make your work effortless so that you don’t feel tired at the end of the day. Our brain-child, Compacct ERP, a cloud-based ERP system, is developed in a unique way that effectively uses the most advanced cloud based technologies and emphasizes on providing you a first-class experience while using it for your medical wholesale or retail business.


    Key Features of Compacct CRM in Medicine Retail & Wholesale Industry

    After years of hard work, we have developed one such cloud based ERP software for medical distributors that can do the work of ten other systems together. Although our software has a host of interesting features, here we are giving you a list of the significant features of the Compacct ERP system that are specifically valid in the case of medicine retail and wholesale businesses.

    • Basic & Broad-Level Information Management
    • Minute Expiry Date Management
    • Vivid Catalogue Management
    • Effective Vendor Management
    • Complete Inventory Management
    • Finance & Accounts Management
    • Multi-Location Store/Shop/Franchise Management
    • Related-Product Identification (according to the composition of the medicine)
    • Sales & Distribution Management
    • Regular Reorder Level Tracking
    • Fast-Moving Product Identification & Restoring
    • GST Management System – Billing & Filling
    • Regular Billing & Credit Management System
    • Regular Follow-Up Management

    Benefits of Compacct ERP System in Medicine Retail & Wholesale Industry

    • Multi-Location Access & Management
    • Multi-Device Access & Management
    • Easily Accessible Modules & Sub-Modules
    • Easy User & Admin Management
    • Smooth Flow of Internal & External Communication
    • Complete Information Management System
    • Efficient Financial Management Procedures
    • Report Formation & Online Reporting Management
    • Consumer & Supplier Management
    • Pre-Sales & Post-Sales Support
    • Structure & Size Changeable According to Organization
    • Scope of Customization

    FAQ – Compacct ERP in Medicine Retail & Wholesale Industry

    Answer: Please check the section above that states the industry-specific features of the Compacct ERP software in detail. That section will give you a fair idea of what benefits you can gain if you are willing to use our cloud based ERP for medical stores. Or you can also check out the “Solutions” section of our website to know more about the software in general.

    Answer: Yes, definitely. The best part of using a cloud based system is that it can be accessed from any location, including your business location. But you don’t need to sit in front of your desktop system for the whole day to access it. If you have the login credentials and permission to access the software, then you also have the chance to access it from anywhere you want.

    Answer: Another key benefit of using the Compacct ERP software is that it is supported by every popular operating system, which essentially includes Windows OS, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Linux, and others.

    Answer: Yes, most certainly! On-premise ERP software required physical servers to be accessed. Therefore, such systems can be accessed only from the locations that come under the coverage of the server. But in the case of Compacct ERP system, the whole process takes place on a cloud based server which can be accessed from any place. So, no matter how far you travel, you will be able to access the Compacct ERP system.

    Answer: As we have mentioned more than once, the Compacct ERP software is very easily accessible. You basically need only three things to access it. They are as follows –

    1. You need to have any responsive device, like a laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.
    2. You need an internet connection which is stable (if not very fast).
    3. You need to have a working web-browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

    Answer: Yes, of course! One of the special features of the cloud based ERP software is that it can help you to sell the medicines in a first-in/first-out basis. Proper information of all the newly-added and existing medicines will be accumulated and you will be guided to sell those medicines first, which are stocked earlier, with a faster expiry date.