Compacct ERP in Retail Industry

Hey, do you know about modern ERP systems? Or are you still stuck with on-premise ERP systems to manage your retail business?

In an age when modernization reigns supreme at every sphere of life, do you still have enough time to sit on one fixed chair for the whole day so that you can access your ERP software for MIS reports or other purposes? Obviously not! What happens when your business is spread across various locations? How are you going to approve or disapprove a certain task that is going on in a distant branch? Cloud based ERP systems saves your time and gives you the opportunity to do your work from any location or device. Do you know enough about them?

Traditional ERP systems implementation was a revolution back in their time. But with the advancement of time and technology, desktop-based ERP systems are no longer the realistic solution for your retail business. What if we tell you that we have a magnificent cloud ERP system that can be accessed from multiple locations and through multiple devices, will you still keep using the age-old ERP systems that are stagnant, accessible only by desktops and can be operated only in a particular location? Why not take advantage of the latest technology that is available right now?

When we are speaking of modern technology, then what can be more specifically modern than cloud based ERP systems? This is one such unconventional ERP system that has a wide range of significant features and yet you don’t need a physical server anywhere to access this system. This makes cloud based ERP system management and functionality ten times better than what it used to be. You just need a responsive device, a browser, and a good internet connection. If you have these three things, then you have enough substances to access your organization’s cloud ERP system. You can easily access cloud based ERP systems from any device, which includes laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, or any other similar devices.

After years of experience and hard work, we have developed notable cloud ERP solutions that can make all the work of your retail business almost effortless. This cloud ERP software can help you manage all your official operations so that ultimately your work becomes easier than ever before and you can handle more than one aspect of your business at a go, even when you are on a vacation. Are you interested to know more?

    Why do you need a Cloud-Based Compacct ERP System?

    If you have read this far, then this definitely means that you want to know more about our revolutionary cloud-based ERP system. The system that we have toiled and developed for years is better known as Compacct ERP. This is a unique ERP system that is supported by cloud platforms like Microsft Azure. This cloud ERP for retail business is specially crafted so that you can run and manage your retail business, with multiple outlets, with much ease and effortlessness. So, let us give you a brief idea about the key features that you can enjoy if you opt to use Compacct ERP for your growing retail business.

    Retail Industry ERP software in kolkata

    Work With the Fastest-Evolving Cloud ERP Software Development Company in India

    Let us take this chance to introduce you to our company which is now a common name in the field of ERP Software companies in India – Iconwizard Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are based out of Kolkata and we are in this field for more than a decade now. We have a team of dedicated developers who work day-in and day-out to make your work easier.

    Iconwizard is a leader in the business of cloud ERP & CRM software products for numerous established companies in the industry-specific market. Our cloud-based ERP system, Compacct ERP, is created in such a way that effectively deploys modern cloud technology and focuses on giving an exclusively impressive experience to all its users. Now, let us tell you about some remarkable benefits of the Compacct ERP System.

    Key Features of Compacct ERP System

    Here is a list of extraordinary features of the Compacct ERP system that are widely applicable in case of all kinds of big or medium-sized business related to the retail industry. Just have a look!

    • Real-time Monitoring & Information Management
    • Effective Customer Relationship Management & Retention of Old Customers
    • Employee Management on a Broad Scale
    • Outstanding Outlet/Showroom Management (in case of more than one, multi-location Outlets/Showrooms)
    • Effective Inventory Tracking & Management
    • Integrated Point-Of-Sale System Implementation
    • Integration of E-Commerce System
    • Analytics on Sales & Customer Trends
    • Sales & Distribution Management
    • Finance & Accounts Management

    Benefits of Using Compacct ERP System

    • Easily accessible from any location
    • Can be operated through any responsive device
    • Ensures a faster flow of internal communication
    • Ensures hassle-free external communication
    • Easy-to-use modules and sub-modules
    • Effective for information management
    • Effective for report formation and reporting related activity
    • Effective for financial management
    • Control over customer and supplier management
    • Customization as per the needs of the company
    • Takes shape according to the size and structure of any organization
    • Ready-made structure and fast implementation

    FAQ – Compacct ERP in Retail Industry

    Answer: We have already mentioned the major benefits of our cloud-based Compacct ERP system above. Please go through it to know more about our software. Or visit the ‘Solutions’ section of our website and click on ‘Compacct ERP’ and you will get a detailed idea about the remarkable ERP software that we have developed.

    Answer: Yes, absolutely. The biggest advantage of a cloud-based ERP system is that it can be accessed from any location by anyone who has permission to access the system. The person can be the admin or any other end-user. Therefore, one such system like Compacct ERP is highly relevant and effective for multi-location companies or retail businesses with multiple branches, stores, outlets or showrooms. Unlike traditional ERP systems, presence of a physical server is not necessary here.

    Answer: Unlike traditional ERP systems that required the presence of physical servers, Compacct ERP, being a cloud rooted platform, needs no such physical servers to be implemented or accessed. Therefore, this ERP system can be accessed from any remote location but you will need three specific things for that. Those three things are –

    1. One responsive device (laptop, mobile, tablet, etc)
    2. Stable internet connection
    3. Accessible web-browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc).

    Answer: The best part of using Compacct ERP is that it is supported by almost all popular operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, macOS, Raspberry Pi, and Linux.

    Answer: Yes, obviously. In the case of traditional ERP systems, there are certain limitations when it comes to stock management. But a cloud-based ERP system, like Compacct ERP, will help you track the serial numbers or batch numbers of your available and sold products. Also, you will get to know the exact stock valuation with the help of such noteworthy cloud ERP software.

    Want to know more about Cloud-based Compacct ERP? Feel free to get in touch with our talented team!