Compacct ERP in Support & Services Sector

Do you want to change the way your Support & Services Business work?

Have you considered investing in modern cloud based ERP software?

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a powerful tool that can help you immensely in the process of data management and gives an edge to the already existing stream of work. Regardless to say, the businesses that deal with support and services, in particular, have a lot of clients and data to manage in a single day. Also, the services sector in our country is growing with a rapid pace and it is now, more than ever, that your business related to services can see the face of never-ending profitability. But, in such a scenario, where growth can be measured in the units of how much time you are willing to provide to your customers and how great your services are, it is not a deed of great intellect to handle all the functional and operational aspects of your business manually. Then, what should you do? You should obviously think about investing smartly in any ERP software that can support the motives of your business and can give you enough scope of business expansion.

    Why should you opt for advanced cloud ERP software for your Support & Services Business?

    Talking about ERP software solutions, the most modern and significant ERP software that you can get in the market right now are cloud based ERP software for the services sector. These are highly advanced software that comes with innumerable advanced features. The basic difference between any on-premise ERP software and cloud ERP software is that the second kind does not need any physical server. Cloud ERP systems run with the help of a cloud based server that stores all the data and operates the functions of business smoothly.

    This software can help you automate the process of your work to a greater extent. Especially in the case of the services sector, cloud ERP software is apt because it can be operated from multiple locations. This particular feature gives you the chance to operate and manage all the data of your business, even when you are in a meeting with a client, on a business tour or when you are working from the comforts of your home.

    ERP software in kolkata

    Hire the most reliable cloud software development company in Kolkata to do your work

    Now that you know about the advantages of the cloud ERP software, choosing the right cloud ERP for your business becomes the next most important decision for your organization. It is always wise to work with a company that has already provided appreciable services to several other organizations in the support and services industry.

    One such software development company in Kolkata of high repute is Iconwizard Technologies. We have a highly impressive portfolio and currently, we are dealing with a long list of respectable clients who are more than just happy with our software and our services. We have developed advanced cloud ERP software, known as COMPACCT ERP, that can automate your business process and help you gain full control over the data that are generated daily through various branches of your business. Keep reading to know more about the features of the remarkable Compacct ERP software.


    Noteworthy Features of the Compacct ERP Software for the Support & Services Sector

    Compacct ERP has been introduced for the support and services sector with specific features that can help these businesses manage their work seamlessly. This ERP solutions software has the capability to serve various organizations with all sizes, shapes and dealing with all kinds of services. Also, there is a scope of customization as per the requirements of the organization. Here are the noteworthy features of the Compacct ERP software for the businesses that fall under the support and services sector:

    • Support Ticket Management
    • Product Loan Management
    • Vendor Management
    • Spare-Parts Rent/Repair Information Management
    • Complete Paperless Customer Information Record
    • Customer Database Management
    • Appointment Scheduling & Rescheduling
    • Customer Appointment/Visit Information Management
    • Thorough Follow-up Management
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Effective Finance Management
    • Complete Information Management System

    Benefits of the Compacct ERP Software for the Support & Services Sector

    • Accessible from Multiple Locations
    • Accessible through Multiple Devices
    • Easy and Flexible Modules & Sub-Modules
    • Fast and Easy Access to Client Information
    • Online Reporting System
    • Effective Internal Communication
    • Mobile-Device Enabled Software
    • No Physical Server Necessary
    • Zero Maintenance Cost
    • Simple Admin & User Login System
    • Customizable Software
    • Easy & Fast Implementation

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    FAQ - Compacct ERP Software for Support & Services Sector

    Answer: All the remarkable features and benefits of the Compacct ERP software for the support and services sector are discussed above. Please have a look at them to know the advantages that you can avail if you are willing to invest in the Compacct ERP software. In case you need to know more, visit our ‘Solutions’ section to find out the details or get in touch with us to avail a demo session of the software.

    Answer: Compacct ERP runs on cloud technology. The benefit of using cloud based software is that you can access the software from any preferred location. Therefore, if any employee needs to access the software while providing a particular service to a client, he/she can definitely do so with the help of a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

    Answer: Yes, Compacct ERP can help you in the entire process of support ticket management and store the necessary data so that you can gain access to any client’s profile if you enter the support ticket number.

    Answer: You only need three things to access the Compacct ERP software successfully. Those 3 things are as follows: i) Any responsive device, including mobile phones, laptops, etc. ii) Any web-browser, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. iii) Stable internet network.