Compacct ERP in the Education Sector

Hey, do you want to control and manage the administrative procedures of an educational institution effortlessly?

Have you considered investing in technologically advanced cloud based ERP software?

With numerous scientific developments and limitless advancements in the fields of information technology, we are now relying on computers and other smart systems for various tasks that were done manually even a few years back. This process has helped several industries to streamline their work procedures, reduce the chaos and clutter present in a workplace, and focus more on the real issues that need immediate attention, rather than wasting time, energy and effort on several daily tasks that can be easily managed with the help of any software.

One such software that can help in managing the functional and operational aspects of any organization is known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. On-premise ERP systems were a rage even a decade back but now the focus is shifted towards more modern, highly promising cloud based ERP software solutions. These cloud ERP software can turn out to be a great investment for any major, small or medium-sized business. In the case of educational organizations, cloud based ERP systems can help in automating the administrative work, manage the huge amount of data effortlessly, and reduce the time and efforts that were previously needed. What else can you actually ask for?

    Manage the operations of any educational institution seamlessly with cloud ERP software

    One single cloud ERP software can act as a source of an efficient education management system in general. The basic aspect, however, lies in the cost-effectiveness of the software. Cloud based ERP software can manage almost all administrative and operational matters of any educational institute seamlessly, paving the way to the decrease of man-force and decreased manual labour. Therefore, the investment the goes into the cloud ERP software will come back to you manifold in form of ceaseless work procedures throughout the entire process of education management, which includes the processes of online form fill-up system, online examination system, online result formation and announcement, data-management, and so forth.

    The aspect of data security also comes into play in this case. The process of student’s documentation and saving those documents for future use has been an important aspect of all institutes in the education sector. A cloud ERP system stores all the data in the cloud server where there are no chances of loss or damage. Therefore, the huge amount of paperwork that takes place daily in any education institute can be handled in just a matter of a few clicks with the help of a smart cloud ERP system.

    Education ERP software in kolkata

    Consult With a Well-Known Cloud ERP Software Development Company in Kolkata

    Iconwizard Technologies is now a well-known name in the field of ERP software development companies in Kolkata and also other cities of India. Previously known as ‘Icon Wizard’, this company has a proven track-record of providing high-quality, satisfactory services to various organizations across different industries, including various educational institutes.

    The cloud ERP software solution brought to you by Iconwizard Technologies is better known as COMPACCT ERP. They have other cloud based software with the same prefix, named COMPACCT CRM and COMPACCT POS. The Compacct ERP software is developed in such a way that it can help any educational institute to automate their work process and bring balance in the procedures that go on daily inside the institution.


    Exceptional Features of Compacct ERP for the Educational Institutions

    Compacct ERP comes packed up with a wide range of features that can be highly beneficial to all educational organizations, including schools, colleges, examination centers, study centers, coaching institutes, and the likes. The distinctive features of the Compacct ERP software that are highly applicable for the educational institutions are as follows:

    • Online Form Fill-up System
    • Admission Management Protocol
    • Online Registration System
    • Online Examination System
    • Offline Examination Management
    • Online Counselling System
    • Post Counselling Support
    • Admit Card Generation
    • Online Payment System
    • Students’ Performance Management or Grade Management System
    • Financial Management Module
    • Student’s Data Management

    Striking Benefits of Using the Compacct ERP Software for Education Sector

    • No Physical Server Required
    • No Extra Maintenance Cost Required
    • Multiple Device Access
    • Multiple Location Access
    • Mobile Device Enabled Software
    • Various Relevant Modules & Sub-Modules
    • Easy Access to All Students’ Information
    • Smooth Flow of Internal Communication
    • Easy Admin & User Login System
    • Human Resource Management
    • Quick Implementation
    • Customizable Software

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    FAQ - Compacct ERP Software for Education Sector

    Answer: All the striking benefits of using the Compacct ERP software are described above. Please read through the above paragraphs to know the advantages of the Compacct ERP software for Education Sector. In case you are interested to know more about the Compacct ERP software, then visit the “Solutions” section of the website or you can directly get in touch with the team to get a free demo session.

    Answer: Yes, definitely. The Compacct ERP software gives full support in the matters of examination management, including online and offline examinations. This cloud ERP software can be used to conduct any mass entrance examination or competitive examination successfully and generate online results at the end of the process.

    Answer: Yes, of course. The Compacct ERP software is responsible for the online form fill up sessions of the existing students or the potential students of any educational institution. It successfully stores all the data while the process is conducted and provides full security when it comes to information management.

    Answer: The best part of using the cloud based Compacct ERP software is that only three simple things are needed to access the Compacct ERP software. The three necessary things are – i) Any responsive device that is available (laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or others), ii) Stable internet connection, and iii) Any web-browser that is present in the device (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or others).