Compacct ERP in the Medical Equipment Industry

Have you thought of implementing cloud ERP software for your medical device manufacturing business?

The medical device manufacturing industry is considered to be one of the most critical industries as far as the manifold procedures are concerned. Such a critical and crucial business cannot successfully survive only through manual management systems. The challenges that are faced daily by most medical equipment manufacturing businesses are best handled by reliable and advanced cloud ERP software that can prove to be beneficial to your business in more ways than one.

Talking about advanced ERP solutions, there can be nothing more modern and efficient than cloud ERP software. Such cloud based software solutions can help a business automate its process to a great extent, forms a convenient connection between the various departments, and allows the free flow of information exchange and sharing throughout the enterprise. Cloud ERP for medical equipment can prove to be a great saviour when it comes to managing functional and operational aspects of the business seamlessly.

    Reasons why cloud ERP software is necessary for businesses related to medical equipment

    Cloud ERP software solutions are basically the next generation of the on-premise ERP systems. There has been a rapid growth in the technologies as far as the ERP software is concerned. Tally ERP software paved way for on-premise ERP systems that used a physical server to manage the operations of a business. After the successful rule of traditional ERP systems, the exponential scientific advancements have given birth to cloud based ERP systems that need no physical server to be accessed or implemented. Such advanced ERP software can run entirely on a cloud server. It can be accessed from any given location around the globe and through any kind of responsive device that is available to you at that moment. You only need to have internet access and a working web browser to surf through the numerous data that are generated throughout the day in your medical equipment manufacturing business. Isn’t that interesting?

    Medical Equipment Industry ERP software in kolkata

    Invest in one of the most relevant & trusted cloud ERP software in Kolkata – Compacct ERP

    Choosing and investing in the right cloud ERP software for medical device manufacturing business is not really an easy thing to do. Yet, it is always recommended to put your trust into a name that has already worked with several others brands in the same business. One such well-known name in the field of cloud ERP software development in Kolkata is Iconwizard Technologies.

    Iconwizard Technologies has developed unique cloud ERP software solutions with attractive features, known as Compacct ERP. This ERP system is doing the rounds in the markets of Kolkata as well as several other cities of India since 2002. Compacct ERP has successfully looked after the needs of numerous popular names in the medical device manufacturing industry. Therefore, it can be a wise decision to invest in cloud based Compacct ERP software to automate your work proceedings, reduce manual efforts, and increase the efficiency of your medical equipment business.

    Salient Features of the Compacct ERP software

    Medical device manufacturing businesses basically need one such cloud ERP software that can reduce the risks of mistakes and simplify the work procedure. Compacct ERP is perfect for all businesses that want to automate their process, reduce stress, and ensure a faster and safer working environment. Some salient features of the Compacct ERP software are mentioned bellow:

    • Product Identification & Serialization Management
    • Product Lifecycle Management
    • Sales & Distribution Management
    • Material Management
    • Production Process Management
    • Internal Communication Support & Management
    • Stock & Serial Number Control & Management
    • Order Management
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Warranty Tracking & Management
    • Quality Analysis
    • Stock Valuation System

    Striking Advantages of Using Compacct ERP for Medical Equipment Industry

    • No Physical Server Needed
    • Zero Maintenance Cost Involved
    • Easy-to-Access Modules & Sub-Modules
    • Multiple Location Access
    • Multiple Device Access
    • Mobile-Device Enabled Software
    • Accessible through all Popular Web Browsers
    • Supported by all well-known Operating Systems
    • Ready-Made Structure & Quick Implementation Process
    • Customization Available As Per Requirement
    • Flexible Admin & User Login System
    • Complete Information Management through One Software

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    FAQ - Compacct ERP for Medical Equipment Industry

    Answer: We have already chalked out various benefits of using Compacct ERP software in medical software industry in the above given sections. Please go through the above sections to get a fair idea. In case you are willing to know more, check out our ‘Solutions’ section or contact us directly to get a demo session.

    Answer: Basically, only three things are required to access the Compacct ERP software. Those three necessary things are – i) Any responsive device (laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.), ii) Access to the internet, and iii) Any web-browser which is installed on your device (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)

    Answer: One of the prominent advantages of using Compacct ERP is that it is supported by all renowned operating systems (OS) that are mostly used for professional purposes, which includes Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and other similar operating systems.

    Answer: Compacct ERP is basically a cloud based ERP system. Therefore, presence of physical servers is not required for the implementation or access of this software. In this case, one single cloud based server can easily handle and manage the operations of multiple branches of the same business simultaneously. Also, Compacct ERP is customizable according to the number of branches that are present.

    Answer: Yes, definitely. The Compacct ERP software for medical equipment manufacturing is developed in a smart way and it canmanage all levels of material management seamlessly, which includes the locally purchased material as well as the imported materials that are needed for the manufacturing of medical equipment. It records all the necessary data related to the purchased materials and makes you alert when the stocks of these materials are about to end.