Compacct ERP in Warehousing and Logistic

Do you know that investing in advanced cloud based ERP software can improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics operations?

With the passing of time and advancement of technology, more and more companies are showing their interesting and investing in highly modern, cloud ERP software for warehousing and logistics so that they can ultimately gain a professional advantage over their competitors. The need for an ERP system, loaded with advanced features, does not end here.

One such cloud based software can help in saving up time and decreasing the manual effort that goes into keeping a track of all the procedures throughout the day. It can help in managing all the information that gets accumulation from various sectors and sub-sectors of a successful logistics chain business. Also, technologically sound ERP software can create a tech-savvy workspace and give you an environment where you can have the liberty to explore greater opportunities for your enterprise. Therefore, cloud ERP software for logistics and warehousing can actually help you in maintaining standardized customer service. Also, it can take your business to a higher level.

    Cloud based ERP software solutions can maximise the potentiality of your business

    Now, let us talk about the prospects of a cloud ERP software in details. ERP systems are not a new thing at all. There has been a great evolution in the use of ERP systems in the last decade. Excel sheets were pretty fast replaced by Tally ERP software, which eventually got replaced by on-premise ERP systems. After the successful tenure of on-campus ERP systems, modern technology has paved way for cloud ERP software solutions that can be the ultimate guiding light to improve the efficiency of your warehousing or logistics business and help you discover the hidden potentiality.

    Unlike traditional ERP software, the cloud ERP software does not need any physical server to be implemented or accessed, which means that there will be zero maintenance cost. It has a multi-location access system that helps you to use the software from any city or country you are in.  This cloud based ERP system also gives you a change to access all the information of your business through any available device with a stable internet connection.

    manufacturing ERP software in kolkata

    Here’s your chance to work with the one of the most reliable software development companies in Kolkata

    One of the most reliable names in the field of cloud ERP software development in Kolkata is definitely Iconwizard Technologies. Previously known as ‘Icon Wizard’, our company came into existence in the year 2002. Since then, we have successfully catered to the needs and demands of various prestigious brands and businesses throughout India. The cloud ERP system developed by Iconwizard Technologies is known as Compacct ERP. We have two other software solutions with the similar prefix named Compaact CRM and Compacct POS respectively. Compacct ERP has a pre-defined structure and yet it is developed in such a way that it can be customized according to the requirements of any business, including the warehousing and logistics businesses. Also, there are some glaring features of the Compacct ERP software that sets it apart from traditional ERP systems. Keep reading to find out.


    Prominent features of Compacct ERP that you should know

    With globalization and the expansion of new horizons in business, there is always a demand of innovation in the sectors of warehousing and logistics at a fast speed and a low cost. Compacct ERP software does all the tasks of an appreciable warehouse management system quite effortlessly. Its flexible and easy to use. The prominent features of Compacct ERP which are especially applicable for warehousing and logistics are as follows:

    • Freight Management
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Material Management
    • Material Requirement Management
    • Purchase Management
    • Production Management
    • Production Scheduling
    • Quality Control & Management
    • Jobwork Process Management
    • Accounting & Finance Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Online Tracking Through Mobile Application

    Key Benefits of using Compacct ERP for Warehousing & Logistics

    • Accessible from Multiple Location
    • Accessible through Multiple Responsive Devices
    • Various Relevant Modules & Sub-Modules
    • No Physical Server Required
    • No Extra Maintenance Cost Required
    • Flexible & Easy Accessibility
    • Customizable As Per Requirements
    • One-Stop Information Management
    • Easy Access to Data Generated on a Daily Basis
    • Easy & Smooth Internal Communication Flow
    • Easy Online Reporting System
    • Efficient Admin & User Management

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    FAQ – Compacct ERP in Warehousing & Logistics

    Answer: We have elaborately discussed all the features and benefits of the Compaact ERP system above. All of these unavoidable traits come together to make Compaact ERP one of the most useful cloud based software for any logistics or warehousing business. In case you want to know more about the Compacct ERP software, please have a look at the ‘Solutions’ section of our website or feel free to get in touch with us directly.

    Answer: Compacct ERP is supported by all popular operating systems (OS) that are generally used across various platforms, which includes Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, MacOS, Raspberry Pi, and so forth.

    Answer: Yes, obviously. Compacct ERP is a smart cloud based ERP software solutions that can help immensely in in the matters of drop shipping control, booking and pick-up order management, quotation support, cargo tracking, warehousing dispatch management, equipment management and several other activities that are a part of freight management in general.

    Answer: Compacct ERP is advanced cloud based software which does not need any physical server for the process implementation. It is implemented directly on the cloud server and it can be accessed through any responsive device, including laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.