Dr. Pauls Multispecialty Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Paul’s use the Compacct ERP software for more than 20 branches all over India

Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic is a well-known name all over India for their unique approach to skin, beauty and hair care treatments. Now a popular brand, this one of its kind aesthetic hair and skin clinic opened up in Kolkata in the year 2007. Since then, they have been providing the highest quality beauty, skin and hair treatments to innumerable clients all over Kolkata and also other parts of India, including locations like Darjeeling, Durgapur, Bhubaneshwar, New Delhi, Noida, Guwahati, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Patna and Gaziabad. Now, Dr. Paul’s owns 20 branches which are spread all over different parts of India and they offer specialized skin-care, hair-care and other similar treatments to hundreds of happy customers throughout the year.

Due to having numerous clients to deal with in a single day, Dr. Paul’s needed one such software that can help them automate their process and decrease the manual labour wasted behind the daily management related activities. In the year 2017, the Compacct ERP system was implemented for them by Iconwizard Technologies. The Compacct ERP software helped them in managing their daily activities more smoothly than ever before. Also, the processes of appointment scheduling, rescheduling, following-up with the customers, billing management, package management, partial payments for multi-session packages etc. were fully automated through this one cloud based software.

The Compacct ERP is based on a cloud server and needs no physical server for its access. This can be accessed from multiple locations and through any responsive devices. Therefore, all the branches of the Dr. Paul’s Clinic, situated in different locations, are using the Compacct ERP since 2017 for their operation, functional and management related activities. The Compacct ERP system is responsible for the over-all information of Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic. They also use this software for the purpose of human resource management as they have hundreds of employees working in 20 different branches all over the country.

A call-centre solution has been successfully integrated with the Compacct ERP so that it can be linked with the centralized patient care system. Apart from this, important data and the transaction details of more than 15000 patients were imported to the cloud based server of the Compacct ERP system from the older FoxPro based system, especially for Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic. At present, an advanced AI-Enabled Telemedicine Solution is being developed for them so that in future the patients from other countries can also avail the modern treatments from Dr. Paul’s Clinics.

The major modules of the Compacct ERP software used by Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic are:

  • Clinic Management
  • Material Management
  • Accounting & Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management