ERP for Clinic Management

Don’t you think clinics can be managed more efficiently through cloud-based clinic management system?

Clinic management software is built to reduce human efforts and manage operational aspects of any business effortlessly. The most modern scientific developments have given shape to one such clinic software that is completely based out of the cloud. This basically means that they don’t need any physical server to be implemented or operated. Such a clinic management system can be accessed from any location and through any device. The cloud-based clinic management software is generally required for businesses to make their work faster and more efficient. In the case of clinic management, there is no alternative to this amazing discovery of science and technology. From maintaining patient records to scheduling and rescheduling appointments, from verifying old patient records to checking which doctor is treating which patient, every single operation can be automated with the help of this revolutionary cloud-based ERP for clinic management .

    Here’s why you should rely on advanced cloud-based ERP for clinic management for your clinic!

    Taking this discussion further, we would now like to put some light on the specific areas in which a cloud-based clinic management system can help in managing clinics easily. Let’s assume that there is a chain of health or skincare clinic which is spread in different geographical locations. They have several branches and sub-branches as well as regional offices. In such a scenario, if one goes on to invest in any on-premise ERP for the clinic management system, then how can all the data from all regional centres and branches be tracked at once? The simple and smart solution here is to invest in the cloud-based clinic management system. This can track all the data from all branches and give you a single snapshot of different locations in a central dashboard.  Not only that, but one such clinic software will also help you in managing all your business operations, even when you are in motion. Basically, the cloud-based clinic management system are the future of clinic management in general.

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    Hear it from the experts of cloud-based ERP in Kolkata

    Now, the next part that needs your attention is choosing a brand that can do justice to all your demands and needs, one such cloud-based clinic management software that can take care of all your daily necessities with ease. So, do you know which clinic software development company you can put your trust into? Well, we are definitely here to help you decide what is the best clinic management system for you.

    We are Iconwizard Technologies and we are involved in the development of ERP software in India from the year 2002. We have created a loyal customer base for ourselves through our outstanding service. Now, we have adapted the most advanced technologies and developed an ERP for clinic management that is based out of the cloud – Compacct ERP. This software has all the required features of any clinic software and has few extra ones as well. This cloud-based clinic management software is being successfully used by many renowned clinics in India, including Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic, Hearing Plus (Bengal Speech and Hearing Pvt. Ltd.), and many others. The best part is that Compacct ERP system can be customized according to your needs. Want to know more? Keep reading!


    Custom Features of Compacct ERP software for Clinic Management

    There are certain features of the Compacct ERP software that sets it apart from other traditional ERP for clinic management. It can effortlessly take care of all your multi-location clinics and provide you the scope to earn maximum return on investment by saving your time, effort and energy. Compaccr ERP can help you in automating your business transactions to a greater extent that ever possible before. Some other remarkable features of the Compacct ERP system are as follows:

    • Paperless Recording System of Patient’s Information (Online KYC)
    • Easy Appointment Scheduling & Rescheduling
    • Effective Follow-up Management
    • Online Patient/Client Registration Procedure
    • Online Consent Form Management
    • Pre-Sales & Post-Sales Support
    • Package System Management (for Single-Session & Multi-Session Packages)
    • Payment System Management
    • Package Renewal System Management
    • Discount or Coupon Code Verification & Management
    • Special Pricing (for Special Events) Management
    • Product Sales Management (if applicable)

    Benefits of Choosing Compacct ERP for Clinic Management

    • No Physical Server Required
    • No Maintenance Cost Required
    • All-in-One Information Management System
    • Easy Access to All Clinical Data
    • Easy Coordination of All Departments
    • Smooth Flow of Internal Communication
    • Faster & More Successful External Communication
    • Effortless Multi-Location Access
    • Easy Multi-Device Access
    • Effective Financial Management
    • Easily Operated Online Reporting System
    • Efficient Admin & User Management Procedures

    Want to know more about Cloud-based Compacct ERP? Feel free to get in touch with our talented team!

    FAQ – Compacct ERP for Clinic Management

    Answer: The main benefits of the Compacct ERP software are already discussed above. If you need more details, you can visit the ‘Solutions’ section of our website and click on ‘COMPACCT ERP’ to know more. Or you can directly contact our team to get further details.

    Answer: Yes, definitely. You don’t need a physical server for the implementation of Compacct ERP software. Therefore, multiple branches can gain the access to Compacct ERP various locations simultaneously. It can be accessed from several branches of your clinic all over India without any sort of disruptions.

    Answer: Yes, for sure. Compacct ERP will give you full support in the matters of appointment scheduling, rescheduling and well as taking follow-ups in case of missed appointments. This system will be responsible for booking appointments for customers online or offline, including multi-session appointments.

    Answer: Compacct ERP system provides ultimate support in the matters of payment management. Generally, partial payments are made when a client has purchased a multi-session package. In the case of partial payments, the software will record the data for future use and will automatically show you the due amount when the said client visits the clinic again for the next session.

    Answer: If the clinic is providing a special discount code or coupon code on a special occasion, then the code has to be manually seeded with the Compacct ERP software. After this, whenever a client provides the given coupon code, the software will recognize it at once. Likewise, Compacct ERP can help in the matters of monitoring the coupon code system, tracking the customers who are providing the codes, and billing them accordingly.