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Witness Revolutionary Growth in Business with Compacct ERP Software

Why is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software necessary for any business?

The popular system known as Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a host of major applications and modules that can help you to manage the core aspects of your business seamlessly. The modules of an ERP software solution often include sales, customer relationship management, human resource management, accounting and finance, purchase management, material management, and so many more similar aspects of a business. Basically, ERP is an integrated system that takes cares of all your business operations and helps in reducing the cost and human efforts that are needed to manage all these operations manually. In just a few years time, ERP systems have gained wide popularity among all scales of business enterprises due to its centralized approach and easy-to-use structure.

Introduction to the highly advanced Cloud Based Compacct ERP Software

Compacct ERP is an advanced cloud based ERP system. No physical server is needed to be implemented to access the Compacct ERP software. The whole system runs through a cloud based server and helps you to manage all your business operations in just a few clicks. Compacct ERP system is designed in such a way that it can handle all the critical aspects of your business. It comes with a number of modules and sub-modules to make your daily work easier and faster. Each one of these modules is developed keeping in mind specific business requirements. Also, Compacct ERP software solutions give you complete assurance of data security, which means that there is no chance of data loss, leakage or destruction by any means. The best thing about using the Compact ERP software is that you can opt to customize this software according to your specific needs.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is an on-demand, cloud-based software model that is ready to use for any organizations to subscribe any module they need without hosting application on premises. SaaS has become increasingly popular because it saves organizations to purchase servers and other infrastructure or maintain an in-house support staff.

Remarkable Advantages of the Cloud Based Compacct ERP Software

Compacct ERP Software comes loaded with outstanding benefits and advantages that can help you automate your business operations. The modules of the software can be customized according to the requirements of a business belonging to any specific industry. Here’s a list of the striking advantages of the Compaact ERP Software:

  • Cloud Based Software, No Physical Server Needed
  • Multiple Location Accessibility
  • Multiple Device Accessibility
  • Mobile-Device Enabled Software
  • Accessible Through Any Web-Browser
  • Supported by All Popular Operating Systems
  • Numerous Relevant Modules & Sub-Modules
  • Centralized Data Management System
  • Customizable According to Requirements
  • Flexible Admin & User Login System
  • Easy & Fast Implementation
  • Best ERP Software for Managers
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
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Popular Modules of the Cloud Based Compacct ERP Software

Customer Relationship Management

This module of the Compacct ERP software can help in boosting the services related to customer relationship in general, which in return would result in maximized profits for your business.

Financial Management

The finance management module of the Compacct ERP software helps in managing the inflow and outflow of the capital and gives you a fair idea of your business expenditures and your profits.

Material Management

This specific module is also known as the Inventory Management module. This modules can help in the matters of serial number tracking, batch number tracking, measuring of stock targets, etc.

Production Management

This specific module of the Compacct ERP system is targeted towards making the manufacturing process more efficient by handling the tasks like bill management, production scheduling, and so forth.


Sales & Distribution Management

This module of the Compacct ERP software manages the major tasks related to sales and marketing, including sales inquiries, sales orders, quotation management, sales invoice, and other similar aspects.

Human Resource Management

One of the most popular modules of cloud ERP software, the HRM module comprises of various aspects including database of all existing employees, job profiles, attendance records, payrolls, etc.

After Sales Support Management

This module of the Compaact ERP software is a unique inclusion where all sorts of after-sales activities are supported and managed. This module helps in speeding up the after-sales activities to maximize profits.

Assets Management

This is a prominent module of the Compacct ERP software that helps a business to records all the details related to its existing assets on a cloud server so that no relevant data is lost or destroyed.

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