How Cloud ERP Helps To Drive Your Business In The Battle Of COVID 19

How Cloud ERP helps to COVID 19

The whole world is facing a crisis in the form of COVID 19. The outbreak of this global pandemic has resulted in a worldwide lockdown. Maintain social distancing is now the new normal. With the gradual extension of lockdown in various countries all over the world, businesses are facing yet unknown challenges. The overall operational aspects of various businesses have been severely affected due to the global pandemic. Most enterprises are forced to shift their bases from an office environment to a home-office setup and choose the process of working remotely. Employees are forced to work from home, irrespective of the kind of venture they are part of. But, have you ever wondered how can a company ensure that its operations remain fully functional in such circumstances? This is where the Cloud ERP system comes to the rescue. In this article we will discuss how Cloud ERP helps us to drive our business in this COVID 19 pandemic situation.


Work from Home & Cloud ERP

Motivating your entire team to work from home amid the pandemic can be a challenging job. Not only do you need to encourage them, but you need to make sure that your employees remain productive throughout the day to ensure maximum outcome during the usual office hours. This task is almost impossible if you do not have proper systems or software to support your work. You actually need one such software that can keep all your team members remotely connected to you and give you a fair idea of the amount of work that they have done in a day. The latest cloud ERP technology is ideal when it comes to managing a team remotely. It allows you to connect your entire team through a single software framework and also track their performances sitting at your home.

ERP Software or Enterprise Resource Planning is one such software that holds a vast number of major applications within itself. This software is ideal when you want to manage all the aspects of your business simultaneously. Major modules of any business like HRM (Human Resource Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounts, Inventory Management, and various other modules are incorporated in the ERP software. An integrated ERP Software will seamlessly take care of most of your business operations. More advanced technology has paved the way for Cloud ERP systems. The functions of these ERP systems are similar yet a cloud-based ERP system can be operated remotely from any location. Therefore, if your whole team is working from home, you can comfortably manage the entire workforce and their performances through the latest Cloud ERP Software.

Benefits of Using Cloud ERP for Working Remotely

Let us know have a quick look at some astonishing benefits that you can gain from the use of Cloud-Based ERP¸ especially when you are working from home to ensure the maximum safety of your employees.

  • Work From Anywhere  – The use of cloud technology ensures that all your data is recorded in a cloud-based server. So the ERP Software that is cloud-based can be accessed from anywhere. During the COVID 19 situation, you and your employees can easily sit at home and access all the data that is stored in the remote location server, which will make your work easier and faster.

  • Universal Access – To work seamlessly in the work-from-home environment, everyone in the team needs to have access to all the required documents and resources. A high-performance Cloud ERP will give you access to a centralized database that has a single dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed by everyone in the team, or by the people who you give permission. You can easily navigate from one department to another and get the necessary work done.
  • Fast Updates – Once you start using an ERP Software, you will notice that you are being notified about the development in your project in no time. You don’t need to call or text your employees to keep track of the progress of the ongoing work. All the process and progress is stored in one place. Cloud-based ERP Software can collect, organize, analyze, and store your data to generate insights that will help you in making faster decisions for your company.
  • Data Security – Your confidential data is a hundred percent safe and secured with a Cloud ERP system. The admin always has the right to restrict the use of the data stored in the system. There is no chance of data leakages as everything is stored in a cloud server. Such a system also allows the role-based access given to people who are related to a particular job-role or position. This further strengthens the privacy of data stored in an ERP Software.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, cloud-based ERP Software can turn out to be the ultimate blessing for your company. It will allow you to execute business operations even when you are confined at the boundaries of your home. It easily integrates all the core business processes together to ensure a smooth flow of operations. Also, you will be able to track the daily work of your employees without any hassles, which will pave the way for smarter and faster business decisions. So, go ahead and think about investing in a cloud ERP Software to ensure the safety of your employees and run the business operations effortlessly at the same time.

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