Indian Institute of Metals

Indian Institute of Metals Use the Compacct ERP for Managing their Educational Institute

The establishment of Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) was proposed in the year 1945. A group of highly skilled metallurgist came together to form an official association that can help in the growth and development of the metallurgy sector in India. Before IIM came into existence, there was no group or professional body that addressed the needs of professional metallurgists of the then India. With the advent of IIM, this scenario changed gradually and significantly. This pioneer institute is now located in the heart of Kolkata, West Bengal. They started off with 42 members and now they have more than 10,000 people participating in this initiative from various fields of metallurgy. At present, IIM is recognized throughout the globe as one of the most renowned and important organizations dealing with metallurgy.

The official work proceedings of this institute often includes the conducting of international or national technical conferences, research and analysis, publications, conducting online examinations, and so on. With the introduction of modern technology in the education sector, the IIM wanted to upgrade their work process and introduce automation in their management system. Also, the IIM has a membership forum where there is a record of more than 2 lakh members across the world. They needed to make sure that these records are safe and there are no chances of destruction or loss. All their needs were successfully looked after by the cloud based Compacct ERP software.

The directors of Iconwizard Technologies customized the Compacct ERP software to meet the specific requirements of IIM. The advanced cloud based software was implemented at IIM in the year 2015. At first, all the old and existing data of their members and other official documents, starting from 1996 till present, was transferred from the older FoxPro based system to the cloud Microsoft Azure server of the Compacct ERP software. The data contained in a cloud server can never be destroyed or lost and, therefore, it was ensured that all the important data of IIM were safe and protected. Currently, their entire examination system is transferred from manual to online mode through the Compacct ERP software for Education Sector. Also, their Membership & Subscription Management System is upgraded and handled by the modern Compacct ERP software.

The prominent modules of the Compacct ERP used by the Indian Institute of Metals are as follows:

  • Membership & Subscription Management
  • Online Examination Management
  • Data Tracking & Information Management
  • Accounting & Finance Management