Interact Texlabels Pvt. Ltd.

Interact Texlabels uses both the Compacct ERP and CRM Software for their Organization

Interact Texlabels Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed company based in Kolkata that deals with the manufacturing of text labels for different industries as per their requirements. Some of their highly praised products include Multi-Coloured Sequential Labels, Product Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels or Barcode Labels, Self-Adhesive Labels, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, etc. This organization was founded in the year 1988 with the name of ‘I n t e r a c t’. However, the company officially became ‘Interact Texlabels Pvt. Ltd.’ in the year 2010. The founder of the company, Mr. Anurag Mohan, is also the current director of the organization. Their head office is located at one of the prime locations in Kolkata, West Bengal. Interact Texlabels Pvt. Ltd. is aimed at providing advanced labeling solutions at the most cost-effective prices to everyone in need. Their highly professional services and distinctive products have impressed numerous clients all over Kolkata and other parts of the country.

Interact Texlabels was in search of a reliable and advanced software that can serve their needs of the hour. Their manufacturing processes are highly advanced, so they needed any equally advanced software to take care of their daily operational activities as well as production processes. Keeping the track of all the manufacturing, sales, and other necessary data in a manual format was no longer possible for them. Also, they needed a system that was easy to use to that the complexity in the whole management system may get reduced as much as possible. At such an important juncture, the idea of implementing the cloud based Compacct ERP software was proposed to them by the directors of Iconwizard Technologies.

At present, Interact Texlabels is using the Compacct ERP software with an integrated Compacct CRM Module to manage their regular operational activities and other necessary procedures. Their sales and distribution, production system as well as inventory systems are being effortlessly handled by the Compacct ERP & Compacct CRM software. Apart from this, a full-fledged module is customized for them, as per their requirements, which can look after the document management system of the entire organization smoothly.

The prominent modules of the Compacct ERP software that are used by Interact Texlabels are as follows:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Sale & Distribution Management
  • Material Management
  • Production Management

Financial Management