Kookie Jar

The Compacct POS is used by the Kookie Jar for their Sales & Production Management

The ‘Kookie Jar’ is a renowned brand of cakes and confectionaries in Kolkata, West Bengal. They have 4 major outlets in popular locations all around the city, including City Center Salt Lake, South City Mall, and Hindusthan Park. Their factory is also located within the periphery of Kolkata. Kookie Jar has earned their share of fame through their mouth-watering savouries that they serve to their customers. Some of their popular products include brilliantly decorated birthday cakes, yummy pastries like chocolate boat, lemon tart, patties, pizza, burger, and so much more. The very first outlet of the Kookie Jar was established in the year 2003 and they never stopped after that. At present, the Kookie Jar is one of the most loved and appreciated bakery chain in the City of Joy.

Being a bakery chain that is highly modernized and caters to the taste of young urban citizens, the Kookie was in favour of installing advanced software system that can make the process of billing the customers faster and easier.  Also, they had to manually maintain the records of all the production activity that was going on in their factory back then, which was eventually becoming very hectic for the managers. They wanted a modern solution to the problems that they are facing at cost-effective prices. The Compacct POS software became their ultimate solution in the long run.

The directors of Iconwizard Technologies introduced the cloud based Compacct POS Software to the authorities of the Kookie Jar and provided a free demo session to them. Compacct POS, being modern cloud based software, is accessible from any location and through any responsive devices. Also, all the sales and production-related activities can be taken care of through this one specific platform. Therefore, this was the perfect choice for the Kookie Jar and also a budget-friendly solution to all their existing problems. The Compacct POS was implemented for the Kookie Jar in the year 2016 and, since then, this cloud based software has helped them to automate their processes to the greatest possible extent. All the activities related to sales, distribution, production, etc. are managed efficiently by the Compacct POS Software for Bakery & Restaurant Chains.

The distinctive features of the Compacct POS Software used by the Kookie Jar are listed below:

  • Billing & Accounts Management
  • Product Sales Management
  • Factory & Production Management
  • Requisition Management
  • Dispatch & Delivery Management
  • Return-To-Factory (RTF) Order Management
  • Special Order Management
  • Mobile App for Area Managers & Other Employees
  • Franchise Management
  • Integrated Hand-Held Device for Billing
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