Mandke Hearing service

Mandke Hearing Services started using the Compacct ERP software from 2019

Mandke Hearing Services is a popular name in the domain of Hearing Care Solutions in India. It is a rapidly-growing organization that deals with the diagnosis of hearing problems and provides appropriate hearing aids to the customers. Mandke Hearing Services is reigning in this specific field for more than 25 years and now they have a record-breaking client base of more than fifty thousand happy customers all over India. 20 different hearing and audiology test are conducted in different centers of the organization to give proper treatment to the patients who visit their clinics. The head office of Mandke Hearing Services is situated in one of the prime areas in Pune, Maharashtra. Mandke Hearing Services is no more just a chain of clinics but has rather become a brand name in the field of hearing loss treatment in India.

Mandke Hearing Services was looking for a software solution that can help them improve the quality of their patient management and clinic management systems respectively. Being a fast growing organization, traditional methods of keeping patient’s records was no longer an option for them. The directors of Iconwizard Technology got in touch with the higher authorities at Mandke Hearing Services and explained in details the advantages of using advanced cloud based Compacct ERP software for clinic management. The results were positive from their end.

Compacct ERP software was implemented in Mandke Hearing Services in the year 2019. At first, it was implemented for their head office in Pune and then for another branch office which is also located in Pune. The cloud based Compacct ERP system gave them a chance to have a centralized approach towards their clinic management system. Their entire work process was turned from manual to automated processes through the help of this software. Daily activities like appointment scheduling or rescheduling, following-up with the patients, stock management of the aids, daily sales management, and all other similar activities were digitized after the implementation of Compacct ERP software.

The major modules of the Compacct ERP that are used by Mandke Hearing Services are listed below:

  • Clinic & Patient Management
  • Material Management
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Financial Management
  • After-Sales Support
Mandke Hearing Service