Compacct ERP in Manufacturing Industry

Have you heard about the most modern cloud manufacturing ERP system?

The cloud-based manufacturing ERP system can actually help you to take care of your hefty manufacturing business in a neat and clean manner. The whole concept of a manufacturing business depends mostly on three essential factors – the manufacturing process, the demand for the product, and the supply of the product in the market. These three factors then combine manifold processes that are critical and crucial at the same time. Managing all the daily activities is tough if handled manually. Then why not take the help of one such advanced software that can decrease your work to a great extent? Processes to keep track of all records are countless. This includes conventional techniques like using excel sheets, desktop manufacturing ERP software or even on-premises ERP system. But what happens when the business is spread across many locations? Will the on-premise versions of the ERP software be helpful in this case? The simple answer is no. Then what is the solution? Cloud-based manufacturing ERP system is actually the answer for you!

    Why is it important to choose an appropriate Manufacturing ERP software for your manufacturing business?

    Let us now try to decode why cloud manufacturing ERP software can prove to be a turning point in your business. A manufacturing ERP software, which is cloud-based, brings in a lot of appreciable advantages in every department of your venture. Crucial segments of your business, including material management, manufacturing process, planning and development of products, a sales record, customer trend analysis, and the likes can be easily managed with a few clicks if you are willing to confide in a cloud-based manufacturing ERP system. Such manufacturing ERP is actually crafted in such a way that it can properly assimilate and handle all the key operations of your manufacturing business, however big or widespread it may be. Minute advantages of cloud-based manufacturing ERP software are that you can actually access this software from any possible location and through any device that has a stable internet connection.

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    Consult with one of the top-rated ERP software development company.

    It is often hard to choose the right software development company in India to confide in. But we have solutions to all your problems. Iconwizard Technologies has been involved in the creation of manufacturing ERP software since 2002. We have worked with several reputed clients all over India. With true dedication and hard word, we have developed a cloud ERP system, Compacct ERP, which is highly modern and affordable at the same time. It follows the principles of Microsoft Dynamics but still it is very different in approach and matter. Compacct ERP is filled with more features than what you generally expect from any ERP software and yet, it is so reasonably priced that one and all can get it installed for their manufacturing businesses in India.


    Outstanding Features of the Compacct Manufacturing ERP Software

    The version of Compacct ERP that is meant for manufacturing businesses is developed with such a sensibility that makes it ideal for manufacturing houses based out of India. Our cloud based manufacturing ERP software, Compacct ERP, is replete with certain great features that can be highly beneficial for your manufacturing business. Some of the key features are noted below:

    • Material Management (Including local purchase and imported materials)
    • Manufacturing Process Management
    • Production Line Control
    • Machine Management
    • Skilled Labour Management
    • Job Work Process Control & Management
    • Order Number Tracking
    • Bulk Order/ Stock Order Management
    • Demand & Supply Management
    • Operations & Sales Management

    Advantages of the Using Compacct ERP Software for Manufacturing Business

    • No physical server required
    • Easily accessible from any location
    • Easily accessible through any responsive device (mobile phones, laptops, tablets)
    • Ready-made structures and quick implementation process
    • Accessible through any web-browser (Chrome, Firefox, and others)
    • Supported by all popular operating systems (Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, and others)
    • Many modules and sub-modules to help automate your business
    • Customizable according to business requirements
    • Saves time and adds values to operational aspects of the business

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    FAQ – Compacct ERP in Manufacturing Industry

    Answer: We have elaborated the benefits of Compacct ERP software in manufacturing industry in the few above written paragraphs. Please have a look and you will get a fair idea. You can also visit the ‘Solutions’ section of our website to know more about the features of the software.

    Answer: Comapcct ERP is a cloud based system. You don’t need to have a physical server for the implementation or access of Compacct ERP. Therefore, it can be implemented and accessed from multiple locations, factories or branches.

    Answer: You simply need three things to access the Compacct ERP software. The three things are – i) one responsive device (desktop, laptop, mobile phone), ii) good internet network, and iii) a web-browser installed on your device (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer).

    Answer: Of course, the Compacct ERP software for manufacturing industry is developed in such a way that it handles all levels of raw material management effortlessly, including the locally purchased material as well as the imported materials. It keeps a track of all the necessary records of the purchased materials and also alerts you when stocks are about to come to an end.

    Answer: We have already discussed the benefits that you can gain if you are willing to use Compacct ERP software. But still, if you need a short and crisp answer, then here it is. Compacct ERP is ideal for manufacturing businesses, because – i) It reduces manual effort, ii) It saves a lot of time, iii) It takes shape according to the requirements of your enterprise, and iv) It reduces the overall operational cost of your manufacturing business.