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Maximize Sales & Profits with the Compacct POS Software

Why do you need POS Software for your business?

The main objective of any Point of Sale (POS) System is to ease up the process of keeping records and making the whole procedure of accounting and finance management simpler, faster, and more convenient. All advanced POS systems generally use all the seeded information to simplify and automate the process of accounting. The best part of using modern POS Software is that you don’t need to assimilate different software together to manage the daily activities of your business. You can effortlessly access all the data in just a matter of a few clicks with advanced POS systems.

Basically there are two main categories of POS systems. The first kind is used for the retail stores for the purpose of information management and accounting. The second kind is used by the restaurants, hotels, bakeries, food chains and other similar ventures related to the food and beverages industry. In both the cases, the cloud based POS systems have replaced the traditional on-premise POS systems. These cloud POS software are more accurate, easy to use, and helps in managing the sales of multi-location businesses seamlessly.

Introduction to the modern Cloud Based Compacct POS Software

The Compacct POS software is a modern cloud based POS system. It is developed in such a way that it increases the efficiency of your daily work procedures and automates them to a greater extent. The main difference between a traditional POS system and Compacct POS is that you don’t require any physical server to access this system. The whole software run on a highly advanced cloud based structure and enables you to manage the sales operations of various branches and outlets simultaneously.

With Compacct POS system, you can work from anywhere, any preferred location or even when you are out on a business tour or a vacation. Also, Compaact POS can be accessed through any responsive device which is available near you. The Compacct POS system helps you to incorporate hand-held devices that can be easily used for the purpose of billing at all the outlets, branches or retail stores. These devices are connected with the main server so that a proper track can be kept of the sold products.

Excellent Advantages of Using the Compacct POS Software

The cloud based Compacct POS system is developed so that the amount of manual labour required to manage the sales and distribution of a business can be reduced and time can be saved. There are a host of amazing benefits that you get to enjoy if you opt for the Compacct POS software. The advantages of using the Compaact POS software are listed below:

  • Cloud based software, doesn’t need a physical server
  • Easily accessible from any location
  • Easily accessible through any device
  • Easy-to-use modules and sub-modules
  • Very simple and easy interface
  • Easy and fast access to all product information
  • Makes every task simpler for the employees
  • Customizable according to the requirements of your company
  • Properly developed structure and fast implementation
  • Integration of hand-held device for billing
  • Best software for managers
  • Complete finance and accounting management system
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Notable Modules of the Cloud Based Compacct POS Software

Billing & Order Management

The Compacct POS system will be responsible for the entire process of billing, including barcode scanning, displaying specific item price on monitor, adding discount, generating order invoice, printing of invoice, etc.

Requisition Management

The Compacct POS system provides assistance in managing the requisitions that get placed from various outlets. The best part is that the entire process can be executed through your smart phone with just a few clicks.

Inventory & Stock Management

The Compacct POS can look after all the necessary activities that are going on inside your main factory, including raw material management, supply management as well as stock management.

Dispatch Management

Compacct POS automatically prepares a dispatch list according to the received requisitions and makes the task easier for the people who come to collect the products and deliver them to separate outlets.

Hand-Held Device for Billing

The Compacct POS system incorporates hand-held devices that can be easily used for the purpose of billing. These devices are connected with the main server to keep a proper track of the sold products.

Mobile App for Area Managers

The Compacct POS system helps all the area/sales/regional managers to monitor, control and manage the activities taking place in the branches that are under him/her through a simple mobile application.

Franchise Management

The Compacct POS software gives you a chance to manage the activities of all the existing franchises simultaneously from any preferred location and it helps in the process of franchise billing as well.

Sales Monitoring & Management

The Compacct POS system stores all the sales data from various branches of your business and gives you a fair idea regarding the current sales trends, customer behavior, and other similar aspects.

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FAQ – Compacct POS

Answer: Yes, definitely. The cloud based Compacct POS software is accessible from any preferred location. You can access the system from various branches all over the country. If your factory is located at a remote location, you can access the Compaacct POS system from there for any work-related purposes. The best part is that even when you are on a vacation or a business tour, you can opt to access the Compacct POS software.

Answer: We are always ready to help you! The Compacct POS is developed is such a way that it can be customized at per your demands. We can make necessary additions or deductions in the structure of the software if you ask us to do so. All you need is to get in touch with us directly and let us know what exactly you need.

Answer: Yes, obviously. The modern Compacct POS system can be accessed through any responsive device, including laptop, desktops, tables, mobiles phone, etc. Also, a separate mobile app is available which can be used to access the Compacct POS software directly on your mobile phone.

Answer: Yes, sure. The developers of the Compacct POS system make sure that the employees of your organization are trained properly so that they can utilize the software completely during their daily activities.

Answer: We would never want you to face any issues. Our team members are available 24X7 for your help and assistance. Even if you face the minutest of issues, let us know at once and we will help you out immediately.