Privacy Policy

This is a privacy policy of Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL), the developer and brand owner of Compacct ERP. The policy governs how Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd handles, uses, stores, and manipulates user information and data when they visit the website By accessing the website, users agree to the terms and conditions of the policy. Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd collects personal

User consent, information
By accessing our website, the user agrees to the terms and conditions and privacy policies. Users also grant their consent that Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) can email them the information unless users refrain Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) from doing so.

Personal information and anonymous information can be shared on our website. Personal information includes the information by which we can identify you, for example, your name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. Anonymous information includes the information by which we cannot directly identify you.

Information we collect at Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL)
Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) collects user information as mentioned above. This information is stored by Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) and is not shared by any third-party organization. Users can choose the information they want to share with Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL). Once the information is shared, Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) has complete control of it.

At Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL), we collect the following information from the user for our surveys and promotional offers.

E-Mail Address
Name of employer
How have you heard about Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) or Compacct ERP
Contact information
Business requirements
Phone number
Inquiry details
Company name

Information collected using technology
While accessing our website, we collect some information via technological means or tools. This information includes personal as well as anonymous information.

These technological means or tools include browser information, domain names, browser language, IP address, access time, access date, internet service provider, and country of origin. By accessing our website, you grant your complete consent to Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) to collect all the information mentioned above.

Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) uses cookies to store information about visitors preferences, to record user-specific information on which pages the site visitor accesses or visits, and to personalize or customize our web page content based upon visitors’ browser type or other information that the visitor sends via their browser.

Identification of Visitors to Site:
We are able to identify you from the Personal Information that you submitted in the past or that you submit on a current visit. We are also able to identify you or your organization from other information obtained by technological means, such as the browser you are using or the pages on the Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) site you visit.

This data is now tracked by a third-party service and provided to us in aggregate form by that service.

Use of Personal Information
Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) collects the personal information of the user. This information is used for contacting users for any promotional, invitational, professional, or advertisement purpose only. Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) does not use users’ personal information for any other purpose which will violate the privacy policies.

We also use your personal information for sending you newsletters, emails, product updates, and service information if you have requested so.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Iconwizard Technologies Pvt Ltd (IWPL) does not disclose any information collected from users while accessing our website. We do not rent, share, trade, or sell your personal information with any third-party organization. However, we may share your information to fulfill your request for products or services with third party.

We employ other companies and individuals who offer to perform functions on our behalf. Examples include sourcing customer privacy-lists, analyzing customer data, providing market intelligence, lead generation, etc. They have access to personal information needed to perform their functions defined in contracts but may not use it for other purposes.